Rachel Tobac @RachelTobac CEO @SocialProofSec social engineering keynoting/training/pentesting | 3X @DEFCON #SECTF 2nd place | Chair @WISPorg Board | Sr UX Research @coursehero | she/her Aug. 04, 2019 1 min read

10 straight hours of phone attacks today and I want everyone to know if you mention/communicate with your providers on social media (think travel, hospitality, energy, products, entertainment), their customer support can be a point of failure in your security.

You can make my job as an attacker difficult. Make me guess your providers. If you communicate with them via twitter help, I know you use them. If you mention you love x or y, I can exploit that and pretext as you during a vishing attack and take over your account w other details

To be clear, I’m the one doing the phone attacks for my penetrating testing client.

*penetration testing (obvs)

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