David Rothkopf @djrothkopf Proud father of J & L, husband of C, CEO, TRG, host, Deep State Radio; next book-"Traitor: A History of American Betrayal from Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump." Aug. 04, 2019 1 min read

We must condemn white nationalist terrorism. We must police against it & stop it. But it is too easy to focus on that alone as the problem--which we seems uniquely Trumpian--and not on the mass shootings which long predated him. Our DC establishment failed to act, led by the GOP.

All our steps toward gun control have been too little and too late. We have not even taken steps to control the corrupt money culture that made the NRA's coopting our national leaders possible. We have not even taken steps to bring down the corrupt merchants of death at the NRA.

The problem is the guns. We must get them off the street.

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