Joe Biden @JoeBiden Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Loves ice cream, aviators & @Amtrak Aug. 04, 2019 1 min read

At least 29 lives stolen, families broken, communities shattered in El Paso and Dayton within 13 hours. Dozens more wounded. Between those two mass shootings, dozens more were killed and injured by gun violence that didn't make national headlines.

Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines don’t belong on our streets. We must stand up to the @NRA and gun manufacturers—they don’t own this country. We the people own this country.

We have to address what’s happening in America. We continue to bear witness to acts of terror carried out with a common thread: hatred of “the other.” We saw it in Charlottesville two years ago, at synagogues in Pittsburgh and Poway, and now in El Paso.

We are in a battle for the soul of this nation. And in this moment, we all have a responsibility to declare with conviction that hatred and bigotry and white supremacy have no place in America. We will give hate no safe harbor.

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