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“Suicide bombers” often suffer from a mental illness - easier to radicalize people who are depressed, have nothing to lose by conferring a badge of honor on their act of violence/homicide. Suicidal mass shooters too feel no shame in going out in a blaze of glory for their “cause”

2. Evidence suggests that the rates of mental disorders within lone-actor terrorist populations are significantly higher than group-based terrorists. This is why we saw a spike in lone-actor “terrorists” who embraced ISIS/ISIL philosophy but weren’t necessarily “part of ISIS”.

3. Researchers studied incarcerated Palestinian and Israeli terrorists to control groups of Palestinians and Israeli Jews matched on demographic features. The former group scored higher on subscale measures of psychopathic deviate, paranoid, depressive, schizophrenic tendencies.

4. With so many kids raised in single parent homes (a factor that increases risk of crime), so many guns floating around and so many social media accounts promoting divisive rhetoric and hate, not a surprise that we have so many lone-wolf mass shooters.

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