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27 million are climate refugees

70 million displaced

113 million face famine

1.45 billion lived a war 1989 - 2015

2 billion go hungry

3.3 billion lack clean/fresh water

4.2 billion are in poverty

Climate Chaos will soon make this worse, so change the system now.

As greenhouse gas emissions continue to accelerate away from us, most people haven't been given the chance to inform themselves about abrupt climate breakdown. Scientists acknowledge that everything is happening faster than expected.

👇We're in danger now:

Climate and ecological calamity is upon us right now. Billions are struggling as war combines with drought and poverty.

We need #ClimateJustice & radical solidarity for decent survival.

Try this 3 mins read by @sydneyazari on positive transformation: 

'The number of 'climate refugees' will rise in the future.'

Every year since 2008, an average of 26.4 million persons around the world have been displaced by floods, windstorms, earthquakes or droughts, equivalent to 1 person being displaced every second. 

'More than 70 million men, women and children fled war, persecution and conflict last year.'

The climate crisis also plays a major role in displacement, but legally 'climate refugees' do not exist, meaning no formal, legal protection for those affected. 

Exposed to the risk of famine:

'More than 113 million people across 53 countries experienced "acute hunger" last year because of wars and climate disasters, with Africa the worst-hit region'

economic turbulence
climate-related shocks 

The main causes of acute hunger and food insecurity:

🔺conflict: 74 million people affected

🔺 climate: 29 million people affected

🔺economic shocks: 10 million people affected 

“We estimate that about 1.45 billion individuals worldwide have experienced war between 1989 and 2015.."

Global number of adult war survivors suffering PTSD and/or MD [major depression] is vast.."

The European Journal of Psychotraumatology, November 2018. 

The number of people experiencing hunger is on the rise around the world. Conflict and climate change are the likely culprit behind most of this deterioration.⚠️

804.2 million undernourished (2016).

2 billion suffer from hidden hunger (and millions die):

Water scarcity is 'a major challenge...particularly for food production':

🔺4 billion people living under conditions of severe water scarcity for at least 1 month of the year

🔺3.3 billion for at least 3 months

🔺1.8 billion at least half a year 

⚠️ 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services.

⚠️ 4.5 billion people lack safely managed sanitation services.

⚠️ 340,000 children under five die every year from diarrhoeal diseases. 

🔥The 2020s:

'People need a minimum of about $7.40 per day to achieve basic nutrition' - 4.2 billion people today are below this.

(Harvard economist Lant Pritchett says the poverty line should be $10 to $15 per day.)

'Suddenly the happy Davos narrative melts away.' 

Simultaneous global crop failure becomes a real threat between 2°C and 4°C of average temperature rise.

We need emergency action, including an unprecedented political and economic transformation globally.

See finance/reparations:

5 - 6 billion people live in poverty with the more reasonable 10$ poverty line.

'Here's the good news: Global poverty has fallen by half over the past decade. But here's the bad news: 71% of the world's population remain...poor'

Yeah, thanks CNN business. 

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