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1. In 1968, Samuel Huntington noted that as societies modernize, they become more complex and disordered. If this disorder is not matched by a process of political and institutional modernization capable of managing the stress of modernization, the result may be violence.

2. Huntington’s thesis was validated by the rise of “Islamic extremism” in the 90s: While oil-rich Arab states modernized rapidly, their societies and political institutions failed to keep pace - producing thousands of young men “left behind” and ripe targets for radicalization.

3. In 1993, Huntington again correctly predicted the rise of Islamic extremism in his work “Clash of Civilizations?”…not hard to do if you followed the $/arms that flowed from US/Saudi/Pakistan to radicalize and deploy young Arab men to take down the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

4. In 2004, Huntington created controversy again with his book, “Who Are We? The Challenges to America's National Identity” - basically implying that immigration from Mexico and Central America will divide the US. (Harvard’s Walt labeled Steve Bannon’s views “Huntingtonian”).

5. Huntington’s theories apparently have some clout within the Trump administration but it should be noted that Huntington’s remedies for these clashes is that the leaders of the great world civilizations must seek common ground.

6. After 9/11, US deployed thousands of young men to Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of these men returned to the US to find themselves being targeted for recruitment by “right-wing” groups. (Wade Michael Page, a US Army veteran, shot up a Sikh temple in WI.) 

7. FBI says that veterans are targeted for recruitment by anti-government groups for their military skills and for the aura of credibility that veterans bring to their agenda, which is initially couched in mainstream positions before exposing veterans to more radical ideas.

8. Wade Michael Page, US Army Pyschological Ops specialist, who killed 6 at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in 2012 before turning the gun on himself, is described as a “white supremacist”: was he born that way, born to hate + kill, or did he become one later?

9. Wade Michael Page is also described as abusing alcohol and not having strong family and community connections - a loner. How does someone with his profile end up in the US military? How was he able to purchase a gun given his alcohol abuse record? Because this is all legal.

10. Solving the problem of violent crime in America (a subset of which is mass shootings) is ultimately about solving the problem of broken families and a broken system producing broken men. No politician will admit this, so we will continue to chug along on thoughts and prayers.

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