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Having someone in your life with depression means being prepared for any and all episodes. A THREAD—

There are gonna be days where they’ll want to lay in bed all day. Lay with them. Bring them their favorite drink.

There will be days where you’ll be out socializing, but by any given notice they’ll start shutting down and want to go home. Watch for these signs and remember them like the back of your hand

There will be days where they’ll be so fragile and anything can break them. Hold them in your arms while they cry about something that they remembered from years ago, even if they swore they moved on

^ Don’t try to explain to them that they needa stop living in the past, it’s not the time. Just hold them and show them they are loved

There will be days where they will wanna be alone and not speak to anyone— this includes you. Understand this, understand when to give them space. Understand nothing is in spite of you.

Just understand.

Mental health is SOOO important so if you are ever in need of someone to talk to, please dm me! It honestly just takes someone to understand what it feels like bc I know what it feels like to not have a good support system but just know that I am always here!

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