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Lisa, for the past few decades, I've mostly written for two audiences: Appellate justices and young readers (middle to high school).

Writing for young readers is such like writing for appellate justices. (I know that sounds a joke). Justices are smart lawyers but . . .

. . . I'll correct myself. Justices are lawyers. Some are smart :)
But they don't know the law I'm presenting. So I have to break it down and make it digestible.

I won't carry the comparison too far: Ninth grades are usually more openminded than justices, and a lot more fun 😉

Adding a few more personal details. I decided to go to law school during Clinton's impeachment. I was fascinated by the process. Initially I wanted to be a legal journalist, but instead became an appellate lawyer.

My twitter career began as research for a book . . .

. . . the book was going to be called How Trump Happened.
I thought I'd tweet my research as I did it. As the Mueller investigation unfolded, I kept all the information in a data base.

I lost interest in writing the book, and decided to keep doing Twitter threads . . .

. . . because I feel that I'm making a contribution right here on Twitter.

The highlight of my Twitter career so far: When George Papadopolous called me deluded. I added that to my Twitter bio.

End of short biography. 🤟

Ah one more.

When I decided not to write the book, I made all of my research public, here:
and the blog with my Twitter threads.

I was 38 when I took the LSAT.

I had a master's in fiction writing, and I'd been publishing fiction and teaching English at the college level.

My entrance essay: Why a fiction writer belonged in law school. NO not because both are liars . . .

. . .both are about narrative, viewpoint, and human nature.
Literature is competing versions of the same story. The law is about motive. Cases are about character in conflict.

I thought it was obvious that more trained fiction writers should go to law school 😉

Doxie, you're very sweet.

I'm actually tired of writing books. I've written more than I can count.

I plan to do voter protection work for the next 15 months.
And Twitter threads.

Hi, @The_Jett_Cam

Yes. 39 is such a nice age, I decided to stay 39 for a few decades.

(Joke from The Important of Being Earnest: Lady Bracknell says that 35 is the best age for a woman. Her proof: So many women choose to stay 35 for years.)

This conversation inspired me to update my bio page⤵️ to make it more personal (instead of what my publishers put on my jacket flaps). Thanks everyone.

But I think it reads better as a twitter thread 😃


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