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“A sense of panic has spread across Kashmir as millions of residents woke up to deserted streets [..] many people were fearful about stepping outside and were waiting in their homes for news about what was going to happen next.” 

Insightful thread on the developments in #Kashmir.

A week after India stripped Kashmir of its autonomy and imposed a communications blackout, NYT's Dispatch team spent Eid in Srinagar, where security forces are stopping people from moving and speaking freely. 

What a strong and inspirational story on journalists in Kashmir, which “have no access to the news wires or social media. They cannot fact check anything online or make phone calls. They do their work the old-fashioned way, with notebooks and pens.”

Pharmacists can’t restock medicines; workers aren’t being paid. But the government still loves to block the internet for “peace and tranquillity.” @vindugoel, @Karan_Singhs and @sameeryasir on #Kashmir's paralyzing communications blackout. 

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