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False. 29 other countries have a higher gun homicide rate than the US. So we are not unique. Some of those other countries have problems with dysfunctional political institutions, institutionalized misogyny, criminal gangs, and a host of problems that US does as well.

2. Mass shootings by “automatic rifles” grab the headlines (and media exposure may be “inspiring” more such shootings) but they are a sliver of all gun homicides in US - just like in Guatemala, illegal guns (mostly small guns) account for most (>70%) gun homicides in US.

3. In urban areas, according to the DoJ, significant percentages of gun-related homicides (15% - 33%) are linked with gang and drug activity. Gang-related homicides are more likely to involve firearms than non-gang-related homicides are.

4. Over 50% of murders in US occur in 2% of the nation’s 3,142 counties. Moreover, gun-related homicides are heavily concentrated in certain neighborhoods within those counties: 54% of US counties had zero murders in 2014.

5. Black men make up roughly 7% of the population, but account for almost two-thirds of gun murder victims every year.

Women and children are more likely to be victims of mass shootings and homicide-suicide shootings than they are to be victims of a “typical” gun-homicide.

6. 66% of gun deaths in the US are suicides - second only to Greenland and it’s not clear how many mass shooters were suicidal to begin. So just a quick glance at the stats in this thread should help inform better policy making instead of knee-jerk labeling and finger-pointing.

7. Last, a 2016 study ( ) found that between 2000 and 2014, the US death rate by mass shooting was 1.5 per one million people. The rate was 1.7 in Switzerland and 3.4 in Finland - gun ownership in those countries is also high but US had more mass shootings.

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