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Toni Morrison had the only good take on family.

This is from a TIME interview in 1989 (I first saw it excerpted in One Dimensional Woman) at the height of the teen pregnancy scares.

The original interview is in here 

She talks more about family 46:00-51:00 of this interview with Charlie Rose (bless her tolerance of this clown or we wouldn't have this interview), reframing everything from "family breakdown" to the idea of the expansive family. 

And in this interview with Junot Diaz (amazing throughout) she talks about writing Beloved, and motherhood in relation to slavery and freedom, and makes a point v close to what Dorothy Roberts is saying in Killing the Black Body. 

ie while (usually white professional) women were framing child bearing as a burden in the 70s, having children could represent a profound freedom for women who had been deprived of reproduction by racism and violent oppression. (she gets into this around 44:00)

American policy is never pro- or anti-natal - it's about who is encouraged to reproduce and who is punished for it.

Anyway, also just read this profoundly good profile by the great Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah - everything about it sticks in the brain, and I think about it all the time 

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