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By the way, I'm convinced that it's part of Epic's business strategy to poach titles as exclusives that will cause the most amount of outrage. Securing titles that had promised Steam/GOG keys to Kickstarter backers, etc. None of this backlash is incidental, it's part of their PR.

The kind of people who'll threaten and harass developers over an exclusivity deal are dupes who are doing their PR work for them and are directly benefiting Epic in the long run. So they're not only reprehensible human beings, they're part of Epic's strategy. Well done. 👏

And again, I cannot underpin how abjectly wrong it is to abuse devs. It's morally and ethically reprehensible on it's own. But congratulations on helping Epic get more headlines, marvelous job on helping them promote their console wars rehash, ask Tem Swoney for a raise.

There's nothing about how Epic goes about securing exclusivity deals that doesn't feel cynically calculated to kick the biggest hornet's nest they can. The anger and rage drowns out legitimate criticism for Epic's practices, and makes them look like the good guys. It's business.

Also, I'm doing a thing that whenever I say something negative about the games industry, I recommend a neat indie game as well. So maybe check out this trailer for Unavowed, it's hands down one of my favourite games of 2018. 

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