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While I'm on the @Playmobil tip, here's top five historical figurines I *wish* someone would make... /1


Who: 12th century abbess, seer, saint, musician, doctor of the church, pioneering herbalist.

Accessories: 'Scivias', her book of visions and a herb basket.

Maybe the city of Bingen could commission a figure?


Who: 8,500 year old shaman priestess uncovered during excavations in Germany.

Accessories: Awesome headdress, shaman's staff ).

Maybe @MuseumHalle could commission?

JOHANNES KEPLER (1571 - 1630)

Who: Astronomer, scientist, came up with the laws of planetary motion.

Accessories: Telescope, manuscript of 'Harmonica Mundi'.

Maybe @NASA or @ESA could commission a figurine?


Who: Artist who triumphed against adversity to become one of the most renowned painters of her age.

Accessories: Paintbrush, self-portrait.

Maybe @NationalGallery could make this happen.

BERTHA BENZ (1849 - 1944)

Who: Carl Benz's wife and business partner, who took his new invention, the Motorwagen, on the world's first road trip in 1888, inventing several car parts on the way.

Accessories: A motorwagen!

I think @MercedesBenz should make this happen!

That's it for me, add some you want! /FIN

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