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The @petestrzok lawsuit against the FBI for his dismissal contains some real gems


I won't give a general summary of the lawsuit, if you want you can read that here:  https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/456399-strzok-key-figure-in-russia-probe-sues-fbi-doj-over-firing 

Or read the entire filing:  https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/6244707/8-6-19-Strzok-v-Barr-Complaint.pdf 

Instead here's some interesting things I found...

Strzok's legal team decide to lead off with the discredited claim that the FBI's investigation into Trump wasn't known until AFTER the 2016 election. While it wasn't publicly *acknowledged* by the FBI, it was *known* to the public before the vote

"Management" in the FBI counterintelligence division (CD) gave a character reference to Strzok to try & avoid him being fired, calling him "gifted" who they "believe[d]" would "never again engage in misconduct"

This likely refers to *Bill Priestap*, as Strzok was No.2 in CD

As late as Aug 8 2018 the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) wasn't prepared to fire Strzok - only suggesting a 60 day suspension and a demotion

The decision was made by OPR Assistant Director Candice Will.

Will was a Mueller appointee heavily involved in FISA🤔

Strzok's lawyers give his "explanation" for the infamous Aug 8 2016 text message Strzok sent to Lisa Page saying "we'll stop [Trump]" from becoming President

Of course when testifying to Congress at the same time as his "explanation" to the FBI, Strzok said he **couldn't even remember** writing this "stop Trump" message

But he still knows exactly what he meant and it wasn't anything to do with him stopping Trump. Sure 👌

Reminder: that "we'll stop [Trump]" message was mysteriously "lost" from Strzok's FBI issued phone AND lost from the FBI's text message archiving system, despite every other message between Page & Strzok being recorded from that day🤔

The now FBI Deputy Director David Bowditch apparently *reassured* Strzok that his incredibly biased and offensive messages would not "significantly affect Strzok's career at the FBI". 🚨

(Bowditch eventually countermands OPR's decision to go lenient on Strzok & fires him)

IMPORTANT: If it is true that Deputy Director Bowditch only eventually decided to fire Strzok because the FBI was getting bad press as late as Aug 2018 that's a major problem. It suggests an institutional inability of FBI leadership to identify staff bias absent external pressure

Finally & just for lefty blue ticks, some fun!

In the formal written firing notice to Strozk, Deputy FBI Director Bowditch refers to Strzok & "the Russia collusion investigation"

Remember how the FBI and Mueller never looked at **Collusion**, just "conspiracy"? Good times... 👍

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