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I just witnessed this massive panic in Time Square. Load noises came from the south of Broadway. I don’t know what this was, but I’ve never seen America so terrified. I just watched people get trampled. We can’t keep living in fear like this.

I’m still here on the scene. EMS and police are still responding. A lot of people probably got hurt from the panic wave that rippled through the center of Time Square. I’d describe the noises like a dumpster crashing down; these were not gun shots.

It was these loud noises, followed by a few seconds of silence as everyone comprehended what happened, and then a tidal wave of people started pushing their way forward to run for safety. Utter chaos. The cell towers Immediately locked up.

This propagated through the crowd too. Unclear if true, really. Would seem likely.

NBC asked me for permission to share this. I agreed. Every other media property also has my permission to use this clip. End this era.

Here is what an empty, near-lifeless Times Square looks like, as everyone ominously stands around waiting for answers, trying to pick up the remnants of their evening just a few minutes after pure and utter panic. This is America now.

The thing that startled me the most is that I expected this. I grew up in the era of school shooters, with just as many lockdowns as fire drills. I remember the panic. I remember the crowd tsunamis. I remember my classmates running out of school on rumors alone. It felt normal.

I’ve been trying to piece together why my instinct was to just film this tonight. I think it’s because our modern stop, drop, & roll worked — this was the event everyone had told me to prepare for throughout my entire life. The impacts are real — at least they were for me tonight

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