Nick VinZant @NickVinZant Anchor and Investigative Reporter @KVOA. Creator @profoundlypp podcast. Aug. 07, 2019 1 min read

Scene inside a Tucson City Council Meeting. Officials voted to put a "Sanctuary City" measure on the November ballot

Two notes:
1) The city was legally required to put the measure on the ballot because the group proposing the initiative collected enough signatures

2) The people asked to leave did not speak during a public comment period held right before the vote

For people asking about the guy with the banjo. Here he is. #GreenShirtGuy

And here's a song about Sanctuary Cities. To be honest....none of this is particularly unusual for a Tucson City Council meeting

Green Shirt Guy, Banjo Man and the Singing Sanctuary City Sisters all in one place. #GreenShirtGuy #BanjoGuy 

New interview with @Alex_Kack aka #GreenShirtGuy

"The majority of this country.... understands that the loudest voices happening right now are kinda ridiculous. And I think the laughter is resonating because that's how people feel right now."


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