Clint Watts @selectedwisdom Author: Messing With The Enemy Current: @MSNBC @FPRI @SecureDemocracy Aug. 07, 2019 1 min read

Hope there is a public discussion about how this White House summit and government interaction with big tech is contradictory & unproductive

1- it’s been only a month ago that President Trump claimed the tech companies were biased without offering evidence & he routinely attacks them despite these platforms being the center piece of his campaign and support 

2- Last month, Trump hosts social media summit, does not invite companies, but invites people who’ve been removed from platforms for threats of violence 

3- the social media summit, which the companies were not invited, nearly broke out into a physical confrontation 

4- President said on Monday wanted to partner w/tech to find violent extremists, if I were Big Tech on Friday, I’d say - we’ve pushed extremists off our platform, and we’ve seen where they went, they were out there in your yard

5- when President engaged social media before at White House, he worried most about his follower count Twitter declining as company reduced bots. He was either disingenuous about his claims, or not smart enough to realize many of his followers were fake 

6- with false claims of bias, excessive worry about certain groups of extremists but not other groups of extremists, executive branch partnering fairly w/big Tech is impossible, especially when DOJ is pursuing anti trust review of Big Tech 

7- Part anti-trust pursuit has been allegations Big Tech squelches competition, while we rightfully want to shutdown extremist on small platforms, this also squashes competition as white supremacists descend on understaffed/resources small platforms 

8- political left also being unreasonable on competition & privacy balance with security, expect preemption of attacks, but don’t want to allow information to be seen. 

9- Big Tech & law enforcement could both say, “I’m mandated to police extremism, but what do you want me to police?” And “our motto was ‘see something, say something’ but if ‘we can’t see anything, we can’t do anything”

10- in sum, we were able to do counterrorism last decade because we had agreement in mission, unity in purpose, trust between institutions & public - we don’t have those ingredients today

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