Nikita S @singareddynm investor @rre ventures (seed, A, B) 👩🏾‍💻 interviewing women in vc @ 🤖 formerly @oscarhealth, @thingtesting 🇦🇺 aussie-born Aug. 08, 2019 1 min read

From a recent survey of 2000+ users, % of apps that users would pay for - WhatsApp, LinkedIn, GoogleDrive came on top.

Women would pay 20% more than men for Google Maps and Pinterest, and millennials would pay 78% more for Insta and 42% more for Google Maps than boomers.

If the average price was reflected into subscription revenue versus current ad-driven revenue.. most services particularly Reddit and YouTube would see 1000x% increase 🚀

Also interesting to see Venmo at the bottom of the ‘would pay for’ list. This makes sense with the challenges they’ve had generating profit off users. The assumption... P2P should be free (as many bank transfers are).

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