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Hacker News changed my life. Daniel Gackle and Scott Bell do incredible work and quietly help organize one of the most valuable places on the Internet. 

“There’s often a strong wish to solve these contentious problems by changing the software, and, to the extent that we’ve tried things like that, we haven’t found it to work.”—@gruseom on HN moderation

“If we’re trying to change something deep, the ingredient is time,” Scott Bell said. “Patience allows us to be ambitious—to imagine people being more kind to each other, for example. It sounds kind of crazy.”

Gackle: The sheer quantity of [people treating other people poorly] is so overwhelming that one does have a depressive reaction, a hopeless reaction to it... like the feelings of a child trying to keep the family together. When the family is 5M people, that’s a pretty tall order.

Gackle: The much larger sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, all scaled by sharding. HN has no shards. We have no social graph either. Everybody is in it together whether they like it or not.

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