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10 days of darkness:
Review the posts by Q from December, 2017.
Focus on December 7 together with December 18.
You might see something interesting.
Also, look at December 25th and compare with posts on Jan 4, 2018.
How many days are there between them?
What does dark 10 mean?

Some people are under the impression that Q's current absence is the "10 days of darkness" that Q referred to on November 5, 2017. (It was referenced twice that day in 2 different posts).

Q's ability to forecast future events is, by his own admission, possible because he and the president have the ability to control the timing of things like military operations and the release of executive orders.

If Q had access to the NSA's database, he could know what events were being planned by his opponents. Accurately predicting their plans would be possible as long as an opponent didn't change their plan without communicating it to someone. Once again, control is the key.

It seems unlikely that in November of 2017, Q would have had access to information about 8chan's service providers cutting off their services last weekend which caused 8chan to go offline.

A more likely interpretation of "10 days of darkness" would be a period of time when Q did not post for 10 days—a period over which he had direct control.

Such a period happened between December 25th, 2017 and January 4th, 2018.
This post by Q even had a suggestion that a ten-day countdown was beginning.

10, [10-9]
If we follow the logical progression, we get [8,7,6...]

I believe Q anticipated a number of problems during the operation, including infiltration, hacking, media attacks and perhaps 8chan losing their platform. But I don't think Q would have anticipated the exact timing in 2017.

Q has approached the operation from the perspective that his role is to provide information, while anons and board owners must provide a secure platform on which he can post.

Board Owners (BOs) can suggest a board. Q does security testing to determine if a board is safe.

In December of 2017, Q switched from one board to another (and from 8chan to 4chan) because platforms and boards had been compromised by the CI_A (Snow White).

I have no doubt that Codemonkey and the people at 8chan will have a platform operational at some point. (I have no idea when that will happen)

When they do, Q will likely test out the platform to see if it meets security requirements. If it does, we'll be back in business.

Please keep them in all prayer


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