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🔺Global food crisis

🔺Extinctions in Earth's Oldest Rainforest

🔺Ice free Arctic

🔺1.5°C breached

🔺13 billion pieces of plastic combining with climate breakdown to kill coral reefs

🔺Tropical areas moving to a climate exceeding historical limits

All by 2022. 🔥

Global food crisis.

From 2012:

"Our work surprised us when we saw that the threat to food security was so imminent; the increased risk of severe droughts is only 10 years away for China & India. These are the world's largest populations & food producers"

Extinctions in Earth's Oldest Rainforest.

The wet tropics of far northern Queensland (around since the time of Gondwana, 150 million years ago) are under attack. ⚠️

The lemuroid ringtail possum (not even listed as endangered) may go extinct by 2022. 

Ice free Arctic:

1.5°C will soon be breached:

'a 10% chance of at least one year between 2019 and 2023 temporarily exceeding 1.5C'

Coral Reefs.

'11.1 billion pieces of plastic clogging up reefs across Asia and the Pacific, with the risk of coral disease lifting from four per cent to 89 per cent in plastic-hit areas.'

15.7 billion plastic items stuck on coral reefs by 2025... 

Tropical areas will be undergoing extraordinary change by 2022/2023.

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