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Hi, Ronna,

Do you consider @MaxBoot to be a person on the "left"?

Me, neither.

In fact, he's a life-long Republican who did some soul-searching. I'm sure you know his resume, so I won't go on about his conservative credentials.

If you don't have time to read his book. . .

1/ . . . I can offer a few highlights.

Boot painstakingly traced how the GOP morphed from a conservative to an authoritarian party.

He explains that by 1964, the GOP entirely ceased being the Party of Lincoln and became the Party of Southern Whites.

2/ “With the clarity of hindsight” he saw that “whatever GOP candidates claimed to stand for” GOP voters understood that the GOP candidates were promising to keep minorities in their place and maintain power for white men.

This was a painful realization for him.

3/ He came to understand that his gender and skin color gave him special opportunities—even as an immigrant fleeing persecution; the US was the land of equal opportunity—for people like him.

He's still a conservative. But he's a true conservative, not an authoritarian. . .

4/ . . . caught in a cult of personality.

Quick question: What do you call people who are anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and call for a "final solution" to the problem?

OK, that was hard. I'll give you an easier one. . .

5/ What do you call people who question he citizenship of a black president, call Mexicans rapists, and tell Americans with dark skin to go back where they came from?

The wrong answer: Patriotic American.

For 5 points, the correct answer anyone?

6/ Ronna, you might also like my History of The GOP in 25 Tweets.

It explains why people use "Republican" and "racist" so often in the same sentence.


There is some confusion over whether @maxboot is conservative or liberal.

The problem is a confusion between conservatism and authoritarianism.


Boot is conservative. Authoritarians think he is “liberal” where Liberal=doesn’t toe the party line

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