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"We are a law enforcement agency, not a social services agency," said an ICE official, adding that advance notice to schools could have tipped off workers.  https://nbcnews.to/33rRY9g 

Mississippi Child Protective Services has said it was not notified in advance of the mass raids and that it should have been told in order to do their job in protecting the children who were left alone.

ICE officials: ICE could not make sure all parents had been released or all children had a safe place to go after school.

There were no plans to alleviate risk entirely.

"We are not a humanitarian agency, but we are trying our best to ameliorate the humanitarian concerns."

ICE arrests in Mississippi by company:

• Koch Foods, Morton, Miss. - 243 arrests     
• PECO, Canton, Miss. - 151
• PH Foods, Morton, Miss. - 99
• Pearl River Foods, Carthage, Miss. - 86
• PECO, Bay Springs, Miss. - 56
• PECO, Sebastopol, Miss. - 45

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