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New from me: “How to Fight the New Domestic Terrorism” thanks to ⁦@WSJ⁩ giving me opportunity flush out some of the truncated social media discussions from this week 

Few additional notes related to article: 1- I’m not for restarting the Obama era CVE programs for today. I’ve been accused of this occasionally this week, for my thought on last decades strategy see 

2- We can selectively pick successful approaches from last 2 decades. @MoonshotCVE with @RossFrenett is one I’d like to see further ramped up for white supremacist mitigation

3- IMHO rise in white supremacy started at end 2008, showed dangerous signs violence by Jan 2011 (See Harpham MLK IED attempt Spokane) & the last week is the exponential ramp up of a decade of hate

4- FBI despite lack of political leadership & resources has done a pretty good job of intercepting a lot of white supremacist threats with yesterday being another example 

5- with regards to what Congress could do this week, if they are not serious about passing laws, I propose the following:

These recommendations come from this @FPRI piece 

6- FBI, I believe has been aware of and preparing, & so have some states @NJOHSP began conferences & analysis far back as 2015 - see their website for some analysis 

7- on domestic extremism I rely on @intelwire & @jjmacnab @egavactip & some others probably prefer not to be named - all doing good work despite adversity, e-Research about ISIS is easy when they are in Syria, but white supremacists might show up at your house

8- one highlights of this week is I got to meet @cpicciolini who is amazing, super brilliant and as a former is a great counter to today’s domestic extremists

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