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A big setback for redistricting reform in New Hampshire. Sununu's record of opposing this bill & passing a poll tax on certain college student voters make it clear that he's hostile to free & fair elections

After GOP Gov. Chris Sununu just vetoed bipartisan redistricting reform legislation, it's key that New Hampshire re-elects its Democratic-majority legislature to stop Sununu from being able to pass new gerrymanders in the likely event that the governor wins re-election in 2020

Here's how the now-vetoed bipartisan redistricting reform would have worked in New Hampshire: A bipartisan advisory commission would've drawn maps with nonpartisan criteria, & legislators would've only been able to vote yes or no on the proposed maps 

GOP Gov. Chris Sununu's veto message re: bipartisan redistricting reform absurdly claims gerrymandering is "rare" in NH. GOP gerrymandering likely cost Dems the state Senate in 2012 when they won more votes. Possibly majorities in 2016 too. This is the crazy Executive Council map

NH Dems gained legislative & Executive Council majorities in 2018 **despite** GOP gerrymandering, not because of its absence. Part of that goes to the GOP's hubris in trying to gerrymander a 4-1 Executive Council majority by packing Dems only into district 2 instead of a 3-2 map

This is a key point: While New Hampshire's Republican Gov. Chris Sununu is likely favored to win another term, he's hardly a lock in this swing state. There's a risk Democrats could gerrymander NH, which is why the GOP should've agreed to this compromise

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