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🇲🇭 Marshall Islands
🇧🇷Rio de Janeiro
🇦🇷Buenos Aires
🇿🇦Cape Town
🇸🇨 Seychelles
🇺🇸New York

All underwater by the 2060s due to climate change.

@drjameshansen, former NASA scientist credited with being one of the first to raise concerns about human-caused global warming, predicts devastating sea level rise within decades: 

I go on @PaulHBeckwith's work
Thread of sources:

'Michael Mann, a renowned climate scientist with the University of Pennsylvania, who is among those questioning some of the report's "extraordinary" claims, told @nytimes, "I think we ignore James Hansen at our peril."

Antarctica & Greenland ice melt. ⚠️ 

This global interactive map let's you see sea level rise for cities via temperature rise.

For example, Dhaka suffers less than Chittagong at 2C. Miami is totally submerged when New York is only partially affected, etc. 

The planet we think we're living on no longer exists.

Explore this thread about the 6th mass extinction, climate breakdown & ecological collapse, all caused by the destructive madness of corporate capitalism, all happening now.⚠️

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