JM Rieger @RiegerReport Video Editor, The Washington Post • [email protected] Aug. 09, 2019 1 min read

My latest for @thefix:

Trump says Democrats will call ‘anybody’ racist.

Here’s a list of people and things he’s labeled that way. 

People and things Trump has called “racist”:

1) Elijah Cummings
2) Al Sharpton
3) The Squad
4) Elizabeth Warren
5) Barack Obama
6) Anthony Weiner
7) Nancy Pelosi’s statement
8) Reporter questions
9) Jussie Smollett
10) Jon Stewart
11) Spike Lee 


12) Tavis Smiley
13) Touré
14) Bryant Gumbel
15) Danny Zuker
16) Hollywood
17) Maryland Democratic Party
18) "Django Unchained"
19) ABC’s “Black-ish”
20) African nations
21) Charlottesville protests
22) David Duke 

A brief thread on Trump calling Hollywood racist when asked today about Twitter:

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