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Well, my mom died

You guys are all so sweet you are making me cry. And I am ok really. We had a very complicated relationship and I was a source of much disappointment to her. It’s just all so weird.

I mean the things she said to me were so horrible they are actually funny. I sometimes do a routine of them and people are horrified and they also laugh. When I said I was in Chatelaine she said, “Did youbdo something wrong?”

And I guess I am tweeting about it because I know I am not the only one who was an eternal disappointment and I want you to know if this speaks to you, it’s not you! You are awesome. Believe it.

When a friend’s daughter wanted to be a radiologist (wasn’t even in Med school and I was already an OB/GYN) she said, “She wants to do something good for women and read mammograms.”

And once when I came home for a visit during residency she said, “Is that hair on your top lip. Well, I suppose those glasses are better than your previous ones.” That would be like the nicest compliment ever.

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