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U S v Jeffrey Epstein, 19 Cr 490 (RMB), Government Bail Memorandum - A mini thread on what the govt took from Epstein’s house and why nobody is getting away with anything.  https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6184559-U-S-v-Jeffrey-Epstein-19-Cr-490-RMB-Government.html 

Many people recall the photographs of nude girls but that was not all the filings said. It said the FBI discovered “voluminous” notes, call records and other descriptions of Epstein AND HIS AGENTS in touch with underage girls

The filing is very careful to state that this is not all the FBI found. “Among other evidence”, it says. Later the filing says that inside the safe were not just photographs but also CDs, with images on them

Lastly, if anybody thinks the photographs were just of the girls and nobody else I have a bridge in Brooklyn going cheap. Anyway, the filing says, clearly, Epstein AND HIS AGENTS.

And now he’s dead nobody can object to the search warrant and its fruits. Thanks @KlasfeldReports

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