Adam Klasfeld @KlasfeldReports Reporter, @CourthouseNews: NYC+Int’l. RTs=What's it to ya? adam[at]adamklasfeld[dot]com PGP Fingerprint: F427 EE3B 6F05 E5D5 785B 775B 2C74 683C 219D 91DC Aug. 10, 2019 1 min read

This unplugged weekend in the mountains did not go exactly as planned, with breaking news and an unexpected wifi connection.

TV interview coming up soon. More details in a bit.

While you’re all here, a very happy anniversary to my extraordinary parents, who are celebrating well into their fourth decade of marriage today.

Heading onto @CTVNews at 1 pm EDT.

Going on CTV in a few minutes. The latest Times push alert

In case you missed my CTV interview, open what is currently the first video in this link. 

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