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Thread: Here’s my Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theory:

Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

I know it’s gonna sound crazy but hear me out.

Jeffrey Epstein was an unremarkable man who dropped out of college and somehow got a job teaching at one of the most exclusive high schools in NY

Then, he met a dude at a parent-teacher conference who gave him a job at Bear Stearns, one of the most protfitable, elite investment firms in the country.

In FOUR YEARS, this uneducated, unqualified substitute teacher became a PARTNER at BEAR STEARNS after Jeffrey Epstein leveraged a deal with a secret, silent partner

After financing a few international arms deals (all of this is true and verifiable) Epstein’s silent partner convinced him to join Tower Financial, which was exposed as one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in the history of the world. Luckily Epstein was never prosecuted.

Then he opened his own investment fund and made so much money that he bought the biggest house in the biggest city in the world (again, check the facts).

Except for one thing:

He doesn’t have an investment firm registered with the SEC. No one even knows who his clients are.

But because Epstein has a secret silent partner, he stayed rich. In fact, he had rich powerful friends like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

No one knows why these people
We’re friends with him. Aside from this silent partner, he didn’t have any real power or influence. He didn’t run a major corporation so he couldn’t bundle campaign donations like some corporate titans.

He was just a rich, mediocre white dude.

Then, literally hours after flight records reveal that the president flew on Epstein’s private jet and court records accuse high-profile millionaires of being involved in a child sex trafficking ring, Jeffrey Epstein dies.

But Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide. He was MURDERED, by his secret silent partner.

There’s only one person powerful enough to turn a mediocre white dude into a millionaire who repeatedly escapes justice while destroying people’s lives...

And that silent partner could not bear the thought of being exposed and spending the rest of their life in jail.

White privilege murdered Jeffrey Epstein.

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