Azad Essa @azadessa Journalist @MiddleEastEye; Associate at Department of African and African American Studies at Harvard Uni; @AJEnglish alum Aug. 11, 2019 1 min read

Message from a friend in Kashmir:

“This is now become a prison, the occupation in now in your face. The soldiers make people drop to their knees and beg just to make a phone call.”


“The economy? Shops? Kashmir has collapsed. Getting to a hospital, or a doctor is hard. You need a curfew pass to move around.” #KashmirSiege

"My baby sister was crying because she didn't get new clothes for Eid. We asked her to look around at our situation. There aren't any sweets. Even no fresh bread. This is not Eid."


“The other day we were trying to cross Zero bridge. The troops stopped us and held us. We were trying to convince the army to let us go. Meanwhile one Republic TV journalist was taking selfies on the bridge. This is the type of journalists India has sent here” #KashmirSiege

“I never cried so much in my life. I watch as grown men and women beg soldiers for the smallest thing. I can’t tell you how that feels. It breaks me. My people reduced to nothing by men with guns.” #KashmirSiege

“Why do I cry? Because each time I see how soldiers treat us, I feel as if it’s a window into our future. They can do anything & their journalists will take selfies. They are working together to wipe out our identity; our entire existence is under attack.” #KashmirSiege

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