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The #GreatAwakening is on many levels. There are many who don’t believe in Q & never will. People don’t like to be lied to & the Media & the Deep State have been lying to us forever. Here is one lie that might help you open the doors with friends on the Obama’s #FloppyMike👇👇

1) #FloppyMike forgot to tape it down before getting in the car...so sloppy Joan Rivers throws a “truth bomb” out there and dies a few weeks later. Coincidence?

2) #FloppyMike on the Ellen Show. Another sloppy performance. I guess the music just does that to you. How did the Obamas have kids? 🤔

3) #FloppyMike doing a skit where Mike didn’t have to do much acting. Way to take it to the hole! 🏀

4) #FloppyMike playing celebrity dodgeball and showing she can “hang” with the boys. Nice arm!

5) Hussein gets #SleepyJoe to look up after he slips up and says “Michael and I” #FloppyMike. This won’t be the first time.

6) Obama with a slip up on Bear Grylls show. Why didn’t they do a second take? Very sloppy Hussein! #FloppyMike

7) Some great pics of #FloppyMike. Now you know why every fashion magazine wanted her on their cover of their magazine and didn’t want Melania Trump. SAD!

8) #FloppyMike back in the news. Booker accidentally spills the beans...ENJOY THE SHOW!
“I miss Obama. And I miss her husband too.” - #CoryBooker 🤔

9) If Mike throws his name running for POTUS it should be fun for Trump because he knows...he always knows. Can’t wait to get #floppyMike trending. ENJOY THE SHOW! 🍿🍿

“I will never forgive “him”?? 🤔

If you need to share with your friends who are not on Twitter here is the link with all of the posts compiled:  https://threader.app/thread/1160648639049621506 

#floppyMike #BigMike #MichelleObama

I know you can’t share this thread but at least you can see it. We know you know...#BigMike #FloppyMike #TheGreatAwakening

10) Since they deleted the #floppymike White House dunk video I was able to find and post here:

11) Did #FloppyMike clean up before running for President?

Fashion’s Isabel Toledo, designer for Michelle Obama, dead at 59  https://pagesix.com/2019/08/26/fashions-isabel-toledo-designer-for-michelle-obama-dead-at-59/ 

12) Don’t know if this will be up so screenshooting it too. Already discounted. I guess it is not a best seller at Walmart #floppyMike  https://www.walmart.com/ip/The-Michelle-Obama-Transgender-Guide/449435151 

Would love to see Dave Chappelle do some comedy around this one in the coming years. I could see it happening.

13) On sale at Barnes and Noble right now. Would make a great Christmas gift for someone  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-michelle-obama-transgender-guide-richard-saunders/1126452407 

14) This really doesn’t need a caption or explanation

15) AJ got in on this one very early. He got 1M+ views on his YouTube video very quickly when he showed this.

16) A real “lady like” swing here

17) Barack Hussein Obama’s brother. Who was he talking about? #BigMike #FloppyMike

18) Double meanings exist 👀 #floppyMike

19) @BobsLessons bringing it!

20) Yes I had to post this one... #floppyMike

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