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A beautiful and very large occupation of the midtown Amazon taking place to protest the company’s collaboration with ICE. #closethecamps

Today is Tisha B’Av, the Jewish day of mourning, and the banners say Never Again.

Several people also speaking in solidarity with Amazon workers, who have protested their provision of services to ICE and horrific exploitation of warehouse workers. 

Speaker from @MaketheRoadNY has described how Amazon participates in surveillance at the border and on the shop floor.

Reading from the book of lamentations alongside testimonials from children caged in our concentration camps, and most readers haven’t made it through without weeping.

The names of children who have died in the camps are being read.

And mourners’ Kaddish.

Peaceful occupiers are being slowly arrested while people link arms and sing. #CloseTheCamps

We are all out this morning, and just want to shout out @JFREJNYC who not only coordinated (yet another) powerful action, but was waiting for each of us at 1:00 in the morning at 1 Police Plaza with flowers and efficient debriefs. What a crew <3

And would strongly recommend following @joshualeifer and @972mag on the growing wave of protests like this one against American concentration camps.

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