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ByteDance is going all the way. Toutiao Search just arrived on web to take the B in BAT from Baidu. Feels symbolic, more than anything — marks the prominence of ByteDance in China, and on the world's stage. Won't move the bottom line, but is a nail in the coffin for Dragonfly.

Mobile continues to own China, but this website is a substantial landmark in China's tech arrival. China truthfully holds its own against Silicon Valley. The divergence is here — and we'll likely never see this trend reverse.

After Dragonfly, the Huawei voice-first partnerships that dissolved in the midst of this trade war, and the burgeoning competition in operating systems like HarmonyOS appearing from the instability of the export market, Google really has lost China.  https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/29/8937068/huawei-google-smart-speaker-us-android-ban 

This time, it's not about the ethics of 'do no evil' & the willingness to walk away. Google will likely never meaningfully reenter China. It slipped away. Toutiao Search is just more evidence of a closing door. The implications are larger than anyone knows

At the same time that Google's loss has become more evident, our country has begun to enter a war on IP theft and Chinese nationals. The theft is real — but the scope has been distorted. We're burning bridges to Chinese talent, & SV will lose without them.

Remember this day, and don't let the racism and conspiracy win. We need all of the talent we can muster. We're tweeting. Every other country is building.

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