Ron Robinson set up ANOTHER site hosted in Russia: innoc[.]us

Ron has data on MILLIONS of voters he can easily "export" out of NationBuilder.

Ron's contacts include a Moscow-based cryptocurrency advisor and DAVID BOSSIE, Trump's deputy campaign manager in 2016. /1

Ron--who openly taunts CIA & NSA w/ his anti-Western intel posts--is indeed the owner of innoc[.]us, and this domain was in fact hosted on a Russian server through at least 5/31/16 (Ron's nsamail[.]us still is RU-hosted), as I verified here. /2

cc @VickerySec @thespybrief @donie

Whether Ron's clients utilized nsamail[.]us or innoc[.]us--deceptively named w/ the "US" country code despite being on RU servers--there's another major concern... /3

See top right of this screengrab by @brazencapital from Ron's YouTube channel that shows Ron working with over 2 million voter records related to the Ben Carson super PAC! /4

As @brazencapital explained to me, it is important to note there's a distinction between "the way the data is being linked to social media profile etc" by Ron in the video, which is different than "just having access to the (publicly available) raw FEC data." /5

In fact, in the following piece, Ron explains in his own words how he can "export" and take his "value-added" voter data anywhere... /6

"Then when election time rolls around, I can export my value-added bits of my voter database from NationBuilder and import the value-added data I’ve built over time into rVotes or PDI. NationBuilder provides the voter database. Free." /7

So, this begs the question, did Ron ever send or receive US voter data using his own Russia-hosted nsamail[.]us email account?

Do you realize Ron could simply email himself a csv file to basically store the voter data of millions of Americans on a Russian server? /8

The next significant discovery relates to my finding that Ron has a Moscow-based advisor to his cryptocurrency firm.

Ron is CIO of Monetran which delivers the "Moneda" token "to enable fast, economical transactions of any amount--big or small--even those under $1." /9

Ron's advisor to Monetran is Andrey Rusanov, founder of Moscow-based Smart-ICO in May 2017.

Rusanov lives in Moscow, but graduated from California State University-East Bay in 1998 with an MBA in Finance, which may be relevant since Ron lives in California. /10

Per their website: "The Smart-ICO team has been working in the industry since 2015 and it unites 12 leading experts in the field of IT, investment, marketing and PR from three countries--Russia, India and Estonia."

Why did Ron's Monetran choose a Moscow-based advisor? /11

Rusanov's work experience includes Investbook (investor relations), Advisor to the President of Premium Engineering (heavy oil processing), and--notably--an Investment Banking Director at Rusinvest where his clients included RAO Rosneftegazstroy, NorilskGazProm & ALFA GROUP! /12

One of Rusanov's friends that caught my eye in particular is Alexander Krasotkin who also studied at California State University-East Bay (at the same time as Rusanov) and went on to be a Senior Manager at Alfa Bank and a Risk Management Director at Gazprombank. /13

Journalists and investigators--please don't make the mistake of writing off Ron Robinson as a nutty GOP operative and discount his connections. They are plentiful and vast, as you'll see next...

Keep in mind Facebook friend requests require acceptance of the recipient. /14

Ron is friends on Facebook with a whole host of people who have run for political office and/or are known commodities in the GOP. Here is just a sampling...

Chris Ruddy, Chris Mitchum, Ed Whelan, and Russell Taub (indicted for campaign fraud) /15

The one who really caught my eye is this one... David Bossie.

Yes, the deputy campaign manager of Trump's campaign from Sep 2016 onward! /16

David Bossie played a more important role in Trump's campaign than the average person may realize.

Bossie's known Trump since 2010, he advised Trump on hiring Corey Lewandowski and Don McGahn, and--importantly--Bossie is the one who introduced Trump to Steve Bannon! /17

As I explored in my thread here, guys like Ron Robinson, Ned Ryun, and Steve Bannon all had their roots in the Tea Party movement, so it's interesting for me to now learn David Bossie produced many of Bannon's films and introduced Trump to Bannon. /18

Final point:

Now that we learned David Bossie knows Ron Robinson, has known Trump since 2010, and is being investigated by the IRS for defrauding elderly GOP donors...

What are the odds Bossie told Trump, "If you want to send a message secretly to Russia... I know a guy." /19x

Thanks to @VickerySec for the amazing finds so far on Rob Robinson, and special thanks to @brazencapital for the images used in #1, #4 and #5 above.

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