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EPA has called on Newark to provide bottled water for its residents after tests revealed elevated lead levels in filtered water. Until 2014, plumbing with 8% lead-by-weight could be legally marked “lead-free” (lead is linked to cognitive impairment + behavioral issues in kids).

2. Multiple studies have identified a relationship between early childhood lead exposure and future violent behavior. During pregnancy, lead is released from the mother’s bones and used in fetal bone formation. A fetus can also be exposed to lead across the placental barrier.

3. Recently, some wines and beers from the US, Australia, Argentina, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Germany, France and Italy were found to contain arsenic, lead and cadmium. The culprit was diatomaceous earth used in filtration of alcoholic beverages. 

4. The good news is blood lead levels in US children 👶🏽 🧒 have been declining for several decades — with some of the steepest reductions achieved following regulatory action (creation of EPA in 1970 was instrumental) to phase out leaded paint and gasoline. But more can be done.

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