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"What I think we haven’t discussed nearly enough is that not only does the copying of memes provide a lower barrier for creation. But perhaps more interestingly they provide a lower barrier to play with the boundaries of an individual’s identity."  https://hipcityreg.substack.com/p/playboi-carti-and-meme-ified-youth 

So much about TikTok caught me off-guard. Absolutely fascinating place that has shaped my perspective on digital nuance & the disjointed cultural emergence of otherwise comparable paradigms. The lightning in a bottle is real, & this @HipCityReg piece slaps  https://hipcityreg.substack.com/p/playboi-carti-and-meme-ified-youth 

The TikTok I saw — that my selections and the algorithm had brought to me — was a distorted digital casino of army thirst content, familyfluencers, and a window into the digitally untouched users of America.

Only when you become TikTok, does TikTok become you.

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