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It is indeed epic stupidity. It would be the Govt acting directly against the UK’s interests for the sole purpose of political grandstanding at home.

It obviously is in the UK’s interests to be involved in decision making that will affect it whether Brexit goes ahead or not, but it’s much, much more than that.

It would abruptly cut off the relationships at officials level that have been built up over time and that diplos have rightly worked to maintain despite Brexit.

These relationships at a relatively low level are essential channels of communication, both for UK influence towards EU capitals, and for gathering information about plans, intentions, likely lines and other developments.

Yes, you can call someone and ask them what the thinking is in Berlin, Madrid or Warsaw, and they’ll give you an official line.

Being in the same room for most of a day once or twice a week is considerably more effective than that though.

Officials in Council Working Groups work together collectively over long periods of time. They are not political opponents, but colleagues.

The groups are where you pick up the gossip, the frustrations, ant way thinking is going that you can’t in a requested meeting or call.6/

It may also disrupt decision-making, particularly where unanimity is required.

This would be actively goading and harming the very people and structures the UK will be reliant on for any future relationship.

The intention can only be to burn all bridges to force a de facto point of no return by making the UK’s future cooperation with the EU untenable. That indicates Johnson (Cummings) is scared that Parliament can succeed in stopping him, and needs to bring things to a head first.

Can we finally, finally put to bed the idea that Johnson is not aiming directly and squarely at a No Deal Brexit, and that the whole idea of renegotiation was just pantomime?

What more proof does anyone need?

And can we also put to bed the idea that the interests of the UK or its population matter at all to this Government?

This is active and deliberate harm to the UK’s influence, and to the likelihood of being able to achieve its objectives in any future negotiation.

It’s scorched earth, but the land he’s putting to the flames is your land.

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