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If you think Trump is just kidding about not leaving office you’re not paying attention. He can’t afford to leave office.

He is a raging narcissist. A career criminal. Has no regard for the rule of law. Is consumed with his power. Has executive ordered the hell out of the last 3 years. No one has stood up to him. Add to that the day he walks out he is done.

The GOP aren’t doing anything to stop him.. They sit back and take our health care, strip parents away from crying children in the streets. Put children in cages. Share intel clearance with family members. Ask for foreign help in our Elections.

Hell they are blocking Election Security to Allow Russia to continue to have access to our Election Systems so they can stay in power. This isn't all Trump. As a matter of fact I would argue that the GOP are the biggest problem

They had a duty to protect. A duty to stand up against a man doing what Trump is doing. They abandoned that duty and never looked back. They just keep doubling down.

Instead they allow him to Spew racist hate at his rallies. Put peoples lives in danger. Incite violence. Refuse to deal with Gun Control. Strip women’s rights from them. This is getting worse not better. Extrapolate this out another year. How much worse will it be .

This isn’t slowing down. It is speeding up. We should already be flooding the streets of Washington.

You know what the GOP with a bit of a conscience are doing? They are quitting. They are not running for re election. They aren’t fighting him. They aren’t speaking up. They aren’t helping us. They are running away. The rest of them are in so deep that they have to back this guy.

So let's acknowledge that we don't know how bad it will get but it is already way beyond anything we can tolerate. Let's not wait too long to all get active and loud. Let's not wake up one day and collectively think that we waited too long.

I have been posting a bunch of articles showing the Jews Fighting Against ICE. Why the Jews? Because they know. They were raised knowing. They were taught to teach their children to never forget and to teach them that this could happen again. They believe it is. They are all in.

Maybe it is time we all join them.

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