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Like many of you, I was reading the October 23, 1972 issue of Electronics magazine when I woke up early today and couldn't sleep. One article I read was about the IBM 370/125 (which was the bottom of the 370 line) renting for between $8,207 and $13,794 and selling for $602,620!

On page 151 of that 1972 issue of Electronics was a small notice about a company named Intel offering a prototype board that used "a computer on a chip, the type 8008 eight/bit central processing unit." Price was $900. Do you think Intel eventually impacted IBM mainframe sales?

25iQuiz: This picture from the magazine from 1972 lists the firm's involved in a securities offering by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). How many of the securities firms listed are still in business under that same name?

P.s., AMD brags in an ad "We're going to be #6)" by 1975!

No correct answers yet. There are more than 25 securities firms listed on the AMD IPO advertisement from 1972. Are any of these firms operating under the same name other than as a subsidiary like Crowell Weedon? SunTrust Robinson Humphrey is a new name.

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