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In case you missed it, neo-nazi Twitter clone Gab just started a "feminist" version. Just in case it wasn't on the nose enough how TERFs and the extreme right are working together.

The alt-right see the "gender critical" movement as fertile ground for recruitment, they've already been detailing how best to infiltrate those spaces and push more conservative sources, as well as more extreme material that is readily eaten up by a willing audience.

This mirrors the religious fundamentalist partnership with TERFs, where they're so subsumed by a single issue, so blinkered, they don't see or don't care that they're being led down the garden path by people whose goals are antithetical to that of feminism.

Seeing how rife "gender critical" spaces are with overt antisemitism, homophobia, and racism, as well as how the movement attracts virulently misogynistic men who use transphobia as a way to express that misogyny with the approval of so-called "feminists", it's hardly surprising.

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