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So Austin suburbs are beautiful. Houses really reasonably priced. Easy ride to the city. Great food and music scene nearby. What's the catch. Also why are places outside California so bad at PR, we probably should have left years ago.

For same price of your SF rental you can afford basically as much house as you want here. Crazy. As your resident elder millennial who is fleeing the city I'll let you know how this works out. But honestly with all the tech growth the market here is for sure undervalued.

Might as well just share while here & excited (got to meet so many creative, energizing people). Pulled trigger & purchased land today. Done deal. Will be in SF awhile longer while they build our house my wife is designing. Plenty of time to say goodbye. New adventures soon!

The plan is keep current role, love my team and mission. Will be even more productive with proper home office and space / lack of stress. Nothing changing professionally for either my wife or I. We just have been unhappy with how SF has been managed. Very poor stewards of growth.

In almost decade in SF only seen our quality of life slip on multiple dimensions. Almost impossible to get ahead even with two people working 60+ hr weeks. Killing yourself just to work more and continue that without possibility of improvement of personal life. Illogical to stay.

Anyway excited for new things. Bay area prefers to be a feudal state, ensure wealth transfer from young to old, deadlocked local govs who could not care about the plight of non owners or newcomers in slightest. It's a 'we got ours, screw everyone else' attitude. NIMBYs run it.

Ultimately bay area will become a retirement community w/o slightest awareness no one will be left to care for them. Young people will wake up to fact is bad deal. Already dystopian & w/o action only become darker. Logan's run for all but landowners. They want us to burn out/die.

Had chat about my bay area macro & microhood conversations w/ @hrdwrknvrstps over dinner and it should be a podcast. He has studied this in depth w/objectivity & it aligned w/my personal exp. Top of most successful market on Earth & everyone is miserable? Something deeply wrong.

Same price SF/Austin (viewed this one but didn't buy). Sure live in the filing cabinet where you hear neighbors play who let the dogs out at 4am or have the custom built bespoke castle with same if not more professional opportunity closeby + prop values have insane room to run.

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