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Things that will be gone by 2029:

1. The Great Barrier Reef.
2. The Amazon Rainforest.
3. Arctic Ice.
4. Orangutans, Rhinos, Sea Turtles.
5. Adequate water supply.
6. Reliable food production.
7. A safe climate.
8. Human existence as we know it.

This is the real news. Isn't it?

Climate breakdown is already severe enough to kill the Great Barrier Reef. Since 2016, coral bleaching events have killed off half of the Reef, and in the next 10 years global warming will spiral out of control.

Survival would appear to be impossible now.

The Amazon Rainforest we know today will be gone and heading for total destruction. A transformation into savannah/desert looks set for between 2050 & 2150.

Models suggesting the forest could die within centuries don't take escalating fires into account.

The Arctic will become ice free (in the summer months) by the 2020s, and all ice could be gone by the early 2030s.

Three threads on sea ice disappearance and the ramifications (climate chaos).

All species are now Critically Endangered, as we head rapidly into a hostile climate in which humans, animals, trees & plants will struggle to survive.

We'll likely hit 2°C average global temperature rise around 2030.

What to do:


Four billion living in regions of high water stress by 2030 says the UN, and that doesn't take into account abrupt warming from feedbacks.

600 million people in India alone will have no access to drinking water by 2030 according to a recent report.

The food crisis is here now for the 2 billion going hungry today.

Crops are failing at 1C as temperatures rocket. 2C by 2029?

Expansion of arid zones: 

Unprecedented droughts and global crop failure by 2022:

1.5°C is not a safe target - even 1°C seems to have been enough to trigger feedbacks. Now we're heading over 3°C. 

We must slash emissions and transform political-economic systems in order to protect and empower the vulnerable.


If we hit 2.5C or 3C by 2029...well, it's almost unthinkable. It will be a challenge to adapt to such conditions in such a short space of time.

State-corporate media are blocking public understanding of the gravity of our predicament, and they are therefore blocking any decent chance of emergency action.

It's criminal (not unlike the fossil fuel execs & politicians).

See these threads:👇

Antarctic & Greenland ice melt will have major impacts by 2029, too.👇

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