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(Thread) Rape, Patriarchal Power, and Rep. Steve King

King notes that throughout history, rape was common and women bore the children.

Why, he evidently wonders, should things change?

No surprise. The “again” in MAGA means take us back to the days when (white) men could grab.

1/ They could grab land! They could grab women!

During the Kavanaugh hearings, Steve King also said, “ if sexual assault is the new standard, “No man will ever qualify for the Supreme Court”

2/ That’s because the general attitude before about 1970 was that men are natural aggressors. Men will be men. Rape is what they do.


3/ That’s what Trump meant in the Access Hollywood tape when he said he sees an attractive woman and just starts kissing her. He doesn’t wait. He just grabs.

Notice that King included the sins of the mother when talking about rape and incest.

4/ Wait, what? The sins of the mother?

When someone holds the view that rape is naturally what men do, the woman becomes responsible for guarding her chastity.

If she fails, its her fault.


5/ Sorry, Steve King. Rape isn’t a natural result of human nature.

It’s a means of exerting patriarchal power.

Forcing women to bear babies conceived by rape is also a means of exerting patriarchal power.


Isn't the whole Incel movement just a complaint about the fact women are now allowed to say "no"?

Being forced into celibacy wasn't a problem in the days when men could grab what they wanted.

One of the times I volunteered in a detention center . . .

. . . (offering legal assistance through @RAICESTEXAS to asylum seekers) . . .

I asked a woman from Guatemala what would have happened to her if she stood up in a public place and said, "A woman should be allowed to say no."

She said, "I'd be killed."

Domestic violence. . .

. . . often happens when women say 'no.'

Remember when the Trump administration wanted to deny asylum to those fleeing "domestic violence"?

That came from the same thinking: Women should do what they're told in "domestic" situations.

The problem is defining "domestic."


One asylum seeker told me that when a gang member killed her husband, he claimed her as his prize (according to custom, if you kill a man, you get his woman.)

He took her as his "wife" (no marriage ceremony.) She ran away. Is that domestic violence?

Do you like when I write "end" after a short thread, and then come back and add a political rant?

*wagging my finger, saying "and just one more thing!'*

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