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This is a move to step up the strategy from making sure others are blamed to actively, as Graham says, trying to craft an enemy.

In a country still obsessed with WWII, from a man obsessed with Churchill, this is deliberately provoking real hate and disgust towards opponents.

“Collaborators” means “Traitors” and “Fifth Columnists” to very many people.

Wikipedia lists 6 people on its page “Executed British collaborators with Nazi Germany.”

These are the people he is comparing his political oponents to.

John Amery was a fascist who travelled to Berlin from France in 1942 to suggest setting up the British Free Corps to recruit fascist sympathisers from POW camps to fight for the Nazis. He broadcast and wrote Nazi propaganda from Berlin, then went to Italy to support Mussolini.

George Johnson Armstrong got in touch with the German Consul in Boston to offer his assistance to the Nazi war office.

Oswald John Gibb was found guilty of being an informer to the Nazis when he was interned in the St Dennis internment camp in France.

Jose Estelle Key was found guilty of treachery in a trial held in camera (in private), and executed

Theodore Schurch, a sometime member of the British Union of Fascists, was captured while a British soldier in Nother Africa. He then worked for Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany posing as a prisoner of war to gain the trust of and betray allied prisoners.

Duncan Scott-Ford admitted to giving the Nazis information on Allied convoys, an aircraft factory, and troop training in return for about £18.

These are the people that Johnson, by using the term “collaborators”, is attempting to make the connection to in people’s minds.

He is trying to get people to think of his political opponents, and remainers, as equivalent to fascists who betrayed their country.

For an incumbent Prime Minister to do that is a total disgrace. It is beyond any bounds of decency. It is appallingly dangerous and irresponsible. It is a moral outrage. It is disgusting.

Thomas Mair, the racist, fascist murderer of the amazing Joe Cox MP, regarded her as “one of the collaborators”.

Our own PM is now using the same language about other MPs.

This cannot go on, as where it leads to is a truly horrific place.

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