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This policy took 14 years to move through the ranks, but a big, necessary change. Outlining ‘5 seconds’ is still a pretty concerning and weak interpretation of fair use.

That this remains is insanity: “Claimants can still block monetization or the video itself, but timestamps help you edit out the claim.”

What currently happens: automation-assisted, outsourced claim farms rapidly claim (no oversight or process; instant claim ignition) videos as they’re uploaded. During the view pop, all revenue is supposedly escrowed (there is really no proof of this) or just blocked all together.

For creators, fighting a claim is a bet that YouTube moderators are useful (not often), the long tail will be worth the time investment, and that the revenue is truly being escrowed & will be returned (no transparency or evidence of this). They often opt to just reupload instead.

This means that the original dead, claimed video with a view pop likely won’t be challenged. It’s a psychological warfare tactic to maximize claimant revenue & to win disputes more often; the faster they claim large creators, the more revenue.

There is so much more in this process that needs improvement. It’s wrought with fraud & abuse. Even if your video passes the monetization approval algorithms on or near upload — the only indicator of this is a yellow $ — you’re only just beginning the war to be paid for your work

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