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1. US already has held several gun buybacks programs (though not mandatory). After the Sandy Hook massacre, an anonymous donor funded gun buyback events in Oakland and San Francisco. Hundreds of area residents received $200 cash for each firearm, "no questions asked."

2. From July 12–14, 2006, the Boston Police Department, with support from dozens of community and faith-based organizations, collected 1,000 firearms. Residents received $200 Target gift cards in exchange for their guns. LA held a similar gun buyback program in 2009.

3. A buyback in Camden, New Jersey, in December 2012 collected 1,137 firearms. In April 2013, Newark Police Department collected more than 200 firearms during a buyback funded through private sources. Baltimore held one in 1974. So this isn't new and can work if promoted well.

4. San Francisco's annual gun buyback program has cars lining up for miles to turn in guns. Hundreds of firearms - ranging from bazookas to BB guns - that are turned in are disassembled, ground up and melted down by specialists at the Police Department. 

5. Australia launched a mandatory gun buyback program after a massacre there in 1996. That program was funded by increasing the levy on Australia's Medicare. A US-wide gun buyback program could cost tens of millions of dollars but could save billions in healthcare costs.

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