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One of the most frustrating things about Twitter, is how it's algorithms bury tweets that have links, which makes it much harder for folks to show off their stuff that's off the hellsite, be they content creators, artists, writers, twitter actively works against you.

Twitter wants you here, engaging. It doesn't want you clicking off the timeline and watching a video or reading an article, or anything else where you'll no longer be engaging. It wants your engagement, so it's gonna encourage you to stay where you'll engage.

How engaging!

So if there's any content creators you like? Do em a solid and retweet their stuff, @ them to tell them you like their stuff, quote tweet their links and talk about it. Any small indie developers who are doing stuff you like, you do the same, talk to em, engage with them.

Tell an artist, indie dev, context creator, writer, or anyone who's work you like that you appreciate them... Because I know they feel like the stuff they pour their hearts into gets buried when it's linked here. Stir up some precious engagement for the engagement god's.

Speaking of links, @lottsofthottie is doing a charity stream right now, come give support! 

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