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It’s Friday. Why not start a thread of underrated gifs?

I’ll add my own. Only the greatest

You send yours. I’ll be looking at them, and, rest assured:

When you’re happy.

When you’re just here for the ratio.

When you wish you could agree more than once.

When you just can’t take it anymore

When your mind is blown.

When you mean business and you aren’t jacking around, mister.

When someone really just said that.

When someone needs to watch themselves.

When you’ve shown superior intelligence.

When you make an entrance.

When you had to wait a long time but it’s the weekend.

When you can’t be bothered.

When Trump voters complain about being oppressed.

When it’s going great.

When someone says “both s—“ and you don’t want to hear the rest.

When a take is particularly bad.

When a movie is, in your opinion, good, and someone tells you that your opinion is, in their opinion, bad.

When you’re explaining something very simple to someone who doesn’t want to understand it.

When there are too many monkeys on your raft.

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